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“Loving two men will never be easy. Loving two rivalling mermen is near impossible.”

Amelia and Nicholas head to the Southern Dominion to help protect Benjamin from an enraged Nathaniel, only to find that he is missing. In Benjamin’s absence, evidence and suspicions build that he did kill Nathaniel’s father Almarine, the former Monarch of the Northern Dominion.
A feud swells between the Northern and Southern underwater worlds with their two leading heirs at the helm. Meanwhile, Amelia’s emotions begin to spiral out of control between her support for Nicholas and his family and the need to comfort Nathaniel as he grieves the loss of his last remaining family.
Amelia’s once peaceful life is shrouded in jealousy, lust and confusion and yet again she is faced with a difficult choice between the two men she loves. However, one refuses to talk with her, and, the other is unpredictable and out of control.
The grim death of a dear friend devastates them all and pushes a grief stricken Amelia to do the unthinkable. While risking her own life in an attempt to put a stop to a now deadly battle, is she also risking losing the love of the two mermen she cannot live without?

Clash of the Tides
Book Three
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KR Elliott
Author of the Tales of the Dominion series
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