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“Turning to look at me once more, I watched the pain and tears in his own eyes as he gently smiled before turning away from me for the last time. In a flash he dove into the water, his magnificent body changed form and disappeared into the deep before me.”

Amelia is a normal teen enjoying her picture-perfect life after graduation with her boyfriend Nicholas. As keeper of his secret, she is surprised to find that the bond with her merman boyfriend is far more complicated than she ever imagined.
When Nicholas confesses the troubles of the Southern Dominion, Amelia impulsively disappears, hoping to encourage him to return to his underwater world. Discovered by Nathaniel - the man responsible for the heart-breaking dilemma she finds herself in - she succumbs to the easy friendship they once shared while he distracts her from the misery of life without Nicholas.
Submerged in the underwater Dominion with the biggest decisions she’ll ever have to make, Amelia finds herself learning the ways of a remarkable world she had never imagined possible. While struggling with the reality of falling in love with two mermen, her once simple life has become an emotional rollercoaster of forbidden lust, overwhelming love and heartache.
Can Nicholas hold on to the woman he loves while protecting his world with the threat of Nathaniel’s rulership? Or will Nathaniel win over the woman who changed his heart and life forever?

Into the Deep
Book Two
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